RealTouch Interactive

Now your internet relationships can be even more intimate than ever. Feel every lick, stroke, and sensual detail from the models you admire.

True Internet Sex™

RealTouch has done it again!

The worlds only true interactive sex device is expanding its application base. Thousands of users currently enjoy the Interactive VOD experience. Why stop there? Live Internet Sex is the next application available for your RealTouch device. Welcome to RealTouch Interactive, the only way to truly "experience" live models one on one.

The RealTouch Interactive Experience is like nothing that you have seen or felt before. With a model controlling your RealTouch from anywhere in the world all you need to do is relax, enjoy and tell them what you want. Could it get any better? So, find a Model, make a date and experience True Internet Sex tonight!

The RealTouch Device

Like what you see but you don’t have a RealTouch?

With a soft interior, a dynamic orifice, automatic lubrication and heat, belts that move will caress you with every action that you see on the screen. RealTouch Interactive is just one of the applications for this unique and amazing device. If you do not have the RealTouch Device we invite you to learn more or buy one from our RealTouch Network site.

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